Quick thought about Brexit , political unions , and tradition

Congratulations United Kingdom ! Your leaving the european union was long overdue . You’ll occasionally hear about the formation of a political union similar to the european union happening in north america . But this is not something that is compatible with american cultural traditions . American tradition is one of sovereignty , and go your own way. This has been undermined over the years but many americans still have a strong attachment to these ideals . This is why we have secessionist movements in new england and texas. freedom of association has always been a big part of the culture . Kneeling before an unelected panel of NAU bureaucrats will not happen peacefully . Any attempt to make North America become like europe will be met with resistance from many groups of people. It’s not in our nature to kneel before a foreign power. Which is why i believe the united states will balkanize once the national debt becomes unbearable . Although the USA could be the nation that acquires global imperium going by the spenglerian civilization model . Which would be a betrayal of the cultural values of the united states . 1776 was the start of the spring phase of our culture . 2016 could be the late autumn / early winter transition .

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