Thoughts on Deism

If you’re looking for a more thoughtful post. I have others on this blog. This is just me rambling.

Deism is an interesting concept that isn’t talked about that often . It’s belief in god minus the religious practices. The creator of the universe is a non interventionist . Deism is fairly appealing to me because it reminds me of the lyrics of a Tool song . ” The universe is hostile , so impersonal ” are lyrics from the song vicarious . It also reminds me of greek polytheism to certain extent . The greek gods viewed the mortals as pawns not things to save . I think the Deist and Greek view on a deities behavior is the most accurate . Why wouldn’t a god  be uninterested or elitist ? When they are clearly higher on the ladder of beings . They have no obligation to be kind to something that’s lower on the hierarchical ladder .

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