The working class deserve better than what central bankers have to offer

Like the quote below says . Nations can be enslaved through debt and conquest. The united states currently has a debt of 19 trillion . 24 dollars in 2016 is the equivalent of one dollar back in 1913 . Our economy stays afloat thanks to printing more money. Which harms the working class because the buying power of a dollar drops each time . Precious metals and Bitcoin have shown that there is a  better way . 1 bitcoin is the equivalent of 700+ dollars . 700 dollars in 1913 is worth 16,000 today . 30 dollars in 1913 is worth 727 dollars today . Gold historically has been very good at holding value. So a combination of physical coinage and digital currency would be better for the poor . There is a limited amount of bitcoins and gold thus the value is more stable than a piece of paper . Monetary inflation is harmful to the poorest among us .


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