Beware of the anarcheist mentality

Every political community has it’s group of misfit toys that make it look bad . But if you’ve never debate a right-anarchist before. Beware of a certain mentality that has become somewhat common since 2008. There is a more left wing friendly version of anarcho capitalism. It’s known as voluntaryism . The voluntaryist will argue that a believer in government is religious . Which isn’t wrong to a certain degree.  They will explain to you how loyalty to the state is reminiscent to faith in god . But when giving this fair criticism of pro government ideology. Some of them take this to the extreme . They have this cute little term “statheist” . The voluntaryist’s will use this cute little term like a liberal uses the term “fascist”. It’s like butter they will spread it on anything.  Which is funny because some of them will point out ad hominem and strawman arguments while they do themselves . It’s important to remember that this is a specific type of anarchist . Not everyone of them will resort to nonsensical debate tactics . I have an example of this from a while back . I blocked this person but it’s a story worth sharing . I was having fun with a political hashtag and this one voluntaryist started freaking out in my twitter mentions . His name was some reference to V for vendetta . But that’s not too important . I said ” Get bernie sanders to read a economics book” and he just starts spamming me . He sends me various voluntaryist memes and larken rose videos . He calls me a “statist” which is funny because it means nothing in a worthwhile conversation . But sadly this person did not desire an actual debate with me. This person was fully of unaware of the religious fanaticism. he was displaying in his responses to my tweet. Voluntaryism was his/her religion and larken rose was this person’s messiah .

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