Stateless Communism is not a thing


Communism cannot exist without some sort of state. This is a statement that has been made several times by the enemies of this utopian ideal . It seems that the followers of this ideology have a religious devotion to it. Anarcho Communism advocates for the abolition of private property , government , capitalism , and wage labor . But their replacement is another system of governance . A direct democratic workers council that votes on the allocation of resources . Calling it anarchist is a bit of a misnomer. It’s really localist communism but they won’t reject the “anarcho” hyphen in front of it . They prefer worker cooperatives instead of private owned business . Let’s do a quick comparison between the two systems of management. If business owner bob provides the tools and the land but the workers do most of the laboring for him. Bob still does labor in the sense that he is maintaining records and keeps supplies coming in. Bob’s day doesn’t end when the work bell rings. Bob still deserves his cut . Now you could argue for hours on who deserves the bigger cut. Labor is simply just working but when most people say labor they mean hard physical labor. But is keeping records any less important than the man making chairs? The labor is divided among the people involved . People do what they’re best suited for. Not everyone is suited for physical work or record keeping for that matter . A co-op in a market environment can run into issues too. Especially when payday comes around . Having a business owner running the show tends to the lessen the issue that comes along when people can’t agree on the fair share of the money.  Fights and arguments over pay aren’t good for business . So a boss is valuable in that case. Of course the boss could always screw his employees out of pay as well . But his workers can always quit and go to a rival company . Both systems are flawed but in my opinion . Private business is the better choice. Another thing that makes this ideology really silly is their animosity towards hierarchy. Hierarchies naturally form in animal groups .  Families , packs , and nations are a result of this. Humanity has evolved as a hierarchical species . It would take something very unnatural to get rid of human hierarchy completely . We’d have to become like the borg or cybermen. Hierarchies appear in every aspect of life . You can put on the icarus wings of egalitarianism wishing you could fly. But you are going to fall every time . Because humans can never be truly equal . You would have to eliminate things that make use human in order to do it. Intelligence , beauty , and athletic ability would have to be wiped out or restricted . I definitely agree that enforced hierarchy has it’s issues but it is definitely superior to no hierarchical structure whatsoever. I personally prefer meritocracy . So the deserving may rise and the undeserving will fall.

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