Pro Wrestling is a bastion of masculine entertainment in a world that demonizes it

I was thinking about this recently.This post is a bit of a thoughtful rant instead of an well thought out piece on the subject. But i should be able to get my point across about it . Liberal media , and the social justice crowd regularly demean masculinity as toxic and outdated . One of the few forms of entertainment that has been pretty resistant to the mockery of the masculine archetype is professional wrestling. In sitcom entertainment, the father is depicted as a dumb neanderthal while the wife is the bastion of common sense . According to jim , home improvement , and modern family are examples of this . The typical masculine male is seen as privileged , and evil by the social justice crowd. The “you’re a fucking white male” college guy is the typical social justice male. The left is promoting soft effeminate hipsterism as the future of masculinity. Be the enlightened hipster instead of the man of yesteryear! Even WWE’s attempts to soften wrestling’s image has not been that successful . The current PG era has been a failure in terms of liberalizing the image of professional wrestling . Fans still remember the attitude era and they also have alternatives that are better than current WWE. Ring of Honor has better matches and promos in a 1 hour slot. Impact wrestling is good too. If you want your sons to grow up with a very basic concept of masculinity . Pro wrestling is something for them to watch. TV-14 wrestling products still exist by the way .

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