The hypocrisy of an anti-voting candidate running for president

In the very divided libertarian movement, there are many factions. But the most noticeable feud would be the one between voters and non voters . On the anti voting side of the movement there is a man running for president. His goal is to abolish the government of the united states. The very act of running for president goes against his principles but he intends to do it anyway . A common argument that you will hear is that “voting for the lesser evil is still a vote for evil” . The anti voting libertarian will often point out that freedom cannot be won through the ballot box . They believe that by simply spreading the good word and ignoring the state. We can have anarchy in our lifetime . This is simply not true by any means. Growing a movement at a snails pace and doing your best to ignore the state will doing absolutely nothing . The anti voter uses this ideology as a way to virtue signal and have a cool little debate club. The candidate’s name is adam kokesh and he is the contradictory candidate that will compete with gary johnson when he tries a third time. You can’t preach one thing and then do another while still expecting anyone of worth to take you seriously. If adam is serious about this he will have a lot of things hurting him in the 2020 election cycle .  His history of drugs and the shotgun DC scandal will undoubtedly be used against him . His anti-government rhetoric and former employer Russia Today will be used against him. This is merely a publicity stunt for adam and a circlejerk for his supporters. The media will cover him simply because of the fact that he loaded a shotgun in DC and he wants to abolish the government. But it’s nothing but a joke.

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