One way to fix a nation’s repopulation issue

Mass immigration and low fertility rates  are commonly discussed by people of right wing backgrounds . Especially now that the EU is allowing waves of migrants from africa and the middle east to resettle . They’re worried that native europeans are being replaced by foreigners . Which is a worthwhile concern to have . If you care about the cultural identity of your homeland and have an in-group preference . Though i’m not too familiar with the tax codes of european nations . I have no doubt that this is playing a factor in the decline of fertility rates among native europeans . Give married and unmarried couples a lower tax rate . But limit this benefit at around 5 kids per couple . Also lower taxes in general because it will give people the financial stability needed to start a family .  You’ll also need safer environments for raising children. So maybe consider stricter immigration policies and more gun ownership friendly laws.

sources about the low replacement rates in USA & Europe :

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