David champion doesn’t understand laissez faire economics

When a person starts an argument with the other side are uninformed bigots. You know that you are in for some top tier intellectualism! He reads off the definition of the free market but after that his argument starts to fall to pieces . His premise is that you cannot discriminate in a free market. However what he fails to understand is that free market means free to choose who you choose to do business with. freedom of association is a core tenet of both laissez faire economics and libertarianism. Sally chooses not to serve boys lemonade because she thinks they are icky. But Jane disagrees and decides to profit from her competitor’s choices . In an attempt to bolster his argument he decides to merge the definition of a free market with the definition of an open market. A free and open market is where individuals have an equal opportunity to enter the marketplace without interference from the government. This definition still doesn’t help his position . One business owner refusing to serve a customer does not shut down the free market. Nor does it impede the customers ability to shop somewhere else. Reputation is everything in a free market society and those that refuse to serve certain people will lose money . His argument is also under the assumption that mankind is “Homo economicus ” but we are not . Financial incentives are not the main driver for human beings. Humans make value judgements. One human may value coin more than his beliefs . The other may value his beliefs over coin. You claim that disinformation is hurting the liberty movement when you are spreading it yourself. Claiming that the market is incapable of solving the discrimination problem is an argument in favor of a regulated market. You emphasize the word price in order to make it seem like you are correct . When prices are inherently discriminatory . A night club owner may have a huge price of entry in order to keep the riff raff out. By your logic we should institute price controls which would be government interference . It isn’t fair that the night club owner has high prices. So he must be forced to lower his price . You quote murray rothbard’s quote about people entering a trade transaction expecting a benefit from it. if they do not expect to gain they will not enter the exchange. That quote by itself invalidates your argument. You are arguing against freedom of association in the marketplace . If your idea of a free market means a baker must bake a cake for a customer that they don’t want. You are in the same vein as Gary johnson and the progressives. People rightfully went after him when the question was raised at the stossel debate about a jew baking a nazi cake. If people deserve an equal opportunity in the marketplace. The government must mandate a low price policy for all goods. A business owner cannot shutdown the free market . Only the government can do that.  Business owners aren’t government agents . You are arguing in favor  of a regulated market not a free one . Forcing people to do things that they do not want to do is not free market economics. It’s command economics. To claim that a business is the government is to show off your own ignorance to the world.  I think your attempt to switch out government for business in the free market definition comes from the concept of “we are the government”. I believe murray rothbard addresses this in his book “Anatomy of the State” . Which is something that he definitely did not agree with.

I’d also like to address something you said in your youtube video “Some Americans Promoting FAKE Liberty”. You say that no right is absolute. Is self ownership not an absolute right? Do we not have the right to our own bodies? From the two videos i have seen from you . It seems that you are promoting fake intellectualism .

Here is the video i am refuting. https://www.facebook.com/DaveChampionMedia/videos/10153549347032405/

Recommended reading : Economic policy by  ludwig von mises , and Anatomy of the state by Murray rothbard .

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