Two perfect examples of the decayed culture in the modern world

In entertainment you’ll occasionally see critiques of modern society. Whether or not the writer intentionally or unwittingly criticizes it does not matter in my opinion.  The television show “the middle” and the video game series “Saints row” display the flaws of modern society perfectly . I’ll start with the tv show first since it is what inspired this late night blog post . The middle represents the modern family with the mom and dad working . Their children are constantly doing something that brings stress to the parents . In the christmas episode the mother wants to have a simple christmas because she wants to teach her children a life lesson . But her parents sabotaged her plan by buying them a bunch of presents . The lesson was supposed to be that bonding with family is more important than receiving material goods . This is a wonderful moral teaching but she waits until the children are old enough to be independent . Children don’t really care about family bonding unless you start making the effort when their younger . By the end of the episode all was well and she got the family time. In another episode the mom and dad realize they have allowed the chiildren to run rough shot on them. So they create a plan to take back the authority that they let slip away from them.They take away the tv , buy pine apple pizza , and be rude to their kids . The youngest child wanted to go to the library and the mother tells him no in a very immature way. Pineapple doesn’t belong on pizza by the way.  They go out to see a cover band and ignore their children in an attempt to gain independence from their duty as parents . Of course parents don’t live to serve their children but you do have to help them . The daughter doesn’t have something she needs for a dance act . So the parents cave and buy her the umbrella . Their attempt to assert their authority fails and things go back to normal. The lesson here is that moral teaching and respect for parental authority have to be taught early. Now for one of my favorite video games series.  Saints row didn’t really become a critique of modernity until the third game.  Dildo swords , gimp suits , and hedonism are displayed in 3 & 4  practically from the beginning of the two games. You have Saints energy drink commercials and violent game shows . Professor Genki’s Super Ethical Reality Climax is one of the best mini games i have had the pleasure of enjoying . Saints row the third is mocking mindless consumer culture through the entire game. I love that it mocks the attitude that pleasure and material goods is all that matters in life . I’m a big supporter of free market capitalism but i have to admit that marketing does dumb down the culture a bit. Well this was a 2:00 am thought dump . If someone reads this i hope you enjoyed some of it .


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