Have the attacks in Paris & Cologne proven that the libertarians supporting closed borders were right?

I’m somewhat on the fence about the border debate but i see the closed borders argument as the more valid of the two . Thanks to recent events. We are familiar with the terrible crimes that  were committed in both of those cities . The migrant crisis and the terrorist attacks caused a rift within the libertarian movement . The argument in favor of open was freedom of movement and economic benefit . The argument in favor closed borders was incompatible cultures , it would be a drain on both the economy and the state . The streets of cologne are currently unsafe for women to walk on . The mayor of cologne had the audacity to blame the victims by telling them to dress differently . If a male republican in the united states had said that in response to a similar tragedy . Feminists would be calling for his head on a pike.  Islamic nations have retrograde views when it comes to the treatment of gays , women , atheists , and christians . it’s not hard to find articles about a gay man being executed or a muslim woman being stoned to death. If a person is willing to assimilate to the values of their new homeland . Then they should be welcomed with open arms. But it seems that many of the people coming to europe have zero interest in embracing western values . These people should have been resettled in saudi arabia , turkey , and iran . These are places that are more in line with their worldview .  I do genuinely believe that immigration is a good thing but there are precautions that must be taken .

In an anarcho capitalist society, gated communities would be exclusive with who they decide to let in . Similar to how gated communities are now . Of course there will be hundreds of ways for a community to organize . I’m just saying that being for closed borders isn’t necessarily incompatible with anarcho capitalist views . Notable thinkers like hans hermann hoppe have made statements supporting the closed border side in the past. I don’t know if hoppe actually commented on the recent migrant crisis though. I think both sides would agree that it would be best if governments did nothing and disappeared. But sadly that dream might not happen for awhile. So anarcho capitalists and the libertarian movement as a whole is forced to take a side .

What do you think?

This mises quote could be used to support either side of the debate .

“No people and no part of a people shall be held against its will in a political association that it does not want.” -Ludwig von Mises

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