Against the minimum wage

A business has to make changes in order to comply with the minimum wage law and remain profitable. The business can fire employees , lower the product quality , and raise the price. You can guess which option the business owner would prefer. Corporations tend to be more capable of handling a higher minimum wage than small businesses are. So you are killing job opportunities by raising it . A better solution would be to reduce the income tax . Small businesses have to jump through regulatory hoops as well as doing what is needed to run a business. Nominal wage is the numbers you see on your paycheck .Real wage is the purchasing power of the cash you have in your wallet that you earned at work .  Fast food workers want to make 15.00 an hour just like paramedics currently do.

A $15 Minimum Wage Would Cost 6.6 Million Jobs. Yes, 6,600,000 Jobs

A quick video about the effects of the minimum wage .  inflation calculator


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