The source of Donald trump’s success in the election

What’s the source of donald trump’s success in the elections thus far ?  The ability to manipulate emotions to get what you want . He’s passed the 101 class on how to be a ruler . He’s put himself at the top of an ingroup that doesn’t trust the mainstream media , mexicans , and muslims . Donald trump has a really good strategy for achieving his goal of winning the election . The more outrageous and offensive you are . The more they’ll love you . It’s one of the greatest marketing strategies because of it’s simplicity. Emotional manipulation has been used for centuries by people that have a desire to rule . He’s creating an ingroup vs outgroup in order to obtain support. The ingroup would be the american people . The outgroup is obviously the 3 groups that i listed earlier . Divide them and take the spoils . The human mind is like an elephant rider . Your emotions are the elephant and the rider is your rationality . The rider tries it’s best to guide the elephant but it doesn’t always go as planned. This wave of ingroup favoritism has a very good chance of handing him the election.  The goal is to get the populace to view muslims , illegal immigrants , and mainstream media as the outgroup . I’d say he’s doing a pretty good job doing that right now . I’m not trying to praise or bash trump in this post . I just felt like using my casual interest in psychology to explain why he is winning support. Social justice warriors use the same tactics for their goals. divide and conquer is a powerful tool.


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