Does Pareto optimality imply voluntaryism?

On the facebook “statism is slavery” there is a post where the admin says that it implies anarchism. I’ve been thinking about it for a little bit and i think the admin is correct. Voluntaryists believe in non coercive interaction and voluntary exchange . Forcing someone to do something just because it may benefit the collective is seen as immoral by people that follow this philosophy. In a voluntary exchange both parties win . person x gets money and person y gets a product . both of them leave with something they want.

A Pareto optimal outcome is one such that no-one could be made better off without making someone else worse off.

The concept of Pareto optimality occurs in a number of areas of economics. The allocation of resources in an economy is Pareto optimal, often called Pareto efficient, if it is not possible to change the allocation of resources in such a way as to make some people better off without making others worse off.

A perfectly competitive market can be shown to deliver a Pareto optimal allocation of resources. Whether this is the most desirable allocation of resources is matter of a value judgement.

In game theory a Pareto optimal outcome is one in which no player could be better off without another becoming worse off. A Nash equilibrium, and other outcomes that can be predicted, may not be Pareto optimal.


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