A quick thought on an earth politician granting us the right to mine in space.

President obama recently signed a bill giving companies the right to mine asteroids. But last time i checked he only has influence over fifty states on the continent known as North America. A member of the earth’s ruling class granting a group the right to do something in outer space is absurd . What power do human governments hold beyond the international space station and some satellites ? The answer is none . if elon musk wanted to establish privately run colonies and mining facilities would it be right to stop him? Libertarian and Anarcho capitalist communities have a better chance in space than they do on earth. Outer space is the modern day wild west. Anything could happen up there . Central to Rothbardian anarcho-capitalism are the concepts of self-ownership and original appropriation . Property rights can be obtained through buying the good or being the first person to use it . When a person sells a piece of land that person is giving up their property rights over the good in exchange for money . Mixing your labor with the land also gives you a legitimate claim to it. So what right does the president have to say that a company now has permission to mine in space? Has the government homesteaded or bought the asteroids that float around the solar system?





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