Gun control is elitism

America has a culture of defiance that isn’t going to disappear anytime soon . The ruling class banned alcohol and that lead to chaos in the streets . The ruling class banned drugs and the prison population soared . Gun bans and restrictions can and will lead to the same issues. Organized crime will step up to provide weapons for criminals and scared citizens. The prison population will increase again.There are communities in the united states that police won’t go to because they are too dangerous. They’ll just go down and document the incident, if they go at all. Communities where being unarmed isn’t a wise move at all . Making gun ownership harder to pursue could lead to disastrous consequences for some. The elderly are also at a disadvantage because they’re easy targets . Having a firearm would even the odds for them. Progressives contradict themselves when it comes to gun control and police brutality . They denounce the police for crimes against unarmed civilians but advocate laws that would be enforced by them as well. Can you justify stricter gun control and vilify the organization that will enforce it at the same time ? Allowing campus security to be armed probably could have saved lives on multiple occasions . it’s easy to promote “gun sense” while living in a safer and better off community. if anything gun ownership would benefit the poor . The gun control debate has always been a struggle between the classes. i feel weird using the term “ class struggle “ to make a point about guns. i think ending drug prohibition and the income tax would benefit everyone. Gun control is elitism masking itself  as compassion for the poor and disenfranchised .

rich vs poor

rural vs urban

ruler vs peasant

You don’t need a sword !

the knights will protect us!

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