Anarcho-Capitalism is possible

Capitalism defined by anarcho capitalists :  property rights and voluntary exchange

The dictionary definition of laissez–faire :  a policy that allows businesses to operate with very little interference from the government

Both definitions are very similar. Government intervention on the behalf of a corporation is known as corporate fascism . if you live in the united states and have been following politics for awhile , you’ll notice that this isn’t an uncommon practice. Many politicians are in the pocket of corporations like monsanto or lockheed martin .

Private property :  Central to Rothbardian anarchism is the concepts of self-ownership and original appropriation. Do some research on it , when you have the time. The notarial profession would be used to help prove the true owner of the disputed piece of property .

Anna’s take on the impossibility of anarcho-capitalism is simply as follows:

  • Under anarchism, mass accumulation and concentration of capital is impossible.
  • Without concentration of capital, wage slavery is impossible.
  • Without wage slavery, there’s nothing most people would recognize as “capitalism”.

The mass accumulation of wealth is extremely hard to maintain but it isn’t impossible. Human error would redistribute the wealth without the need for taxation. humanities competitive nature would thrive in this environment , everyone would strive to be better than the rest. Having a larger sum of money would be a lot more impressive in an anarcho capitalist society . Slavery implies that you have no choices and receive no income for your labor. if you apply for a job at burger king , you are agreeing to work for the salary they are willing to pay you.

A society based on mutual aid alone is impossible . humans respond to incentives. Helping your fellow man isn’t a good enough incentive for a society to run on . The market will help bring a society together more than mutual aid will . Why would a human being help out someone they don’t know ? Sure, their reputation would improve but that isn’t enough for most . Mutual aid is a wonderful concept but it isn’t something that you can base a society on . i realize that c4ss is a mutualist think tank but i felt it was necessary to give my thoughts on anarchist communism .

The disinfo article :

Capitalism is competition . Government intervention on the behalf of a elite group of people or a corporation is not capitalism . Free market advocates should oppose corporate fascism , oligarchy , and mercantilism .  A economic system where you have to consistently create good products and treat consumers well is what should be supported by all .  A corporation that has bad products and treats consumers poorly would not be capable of staying #1 for long in a truly free market . i oppose state capitalism aka corporate fascism for the same reasons a socialist would oppose capitalism as a whole . in a true free market the consumer is king and the producer serves them in exchange for capital .

The three most common critiques of Voluntaryism/Anarcho capitalism :

1. Without government, corporations will take over .

2. it would be dangerous to leave your home if we didn’t have a government . Warlords , thieves , and murderers would be everywhere .

3. Nobody would help the poor

response to #1

The corporations have already taken over the world. Corporations buy off politicians during elections and lobby for laws that benefit them. Corporations have been in bed with government for a very long time. the government will even bailout losers from time to time. Movements like “Occupy Wall street” had their message centered around this problem. it’s amazing that people suddenly forget that corporations already have the keys to the world once anarcho capitalism is brought up. If you eliminate the government and central banks the corporate businessmen would have nowhere to hide. They would have to be very cautious because if they screw over the consumer in anyway . Their profits would plummet .

response to #2 :

The fact that people are concerned about their security shows their is a demand for it. If there is a demand for a product the market will supply it. private security firms and neighborhood watch groups are alternatives to the tax funded police force we have now . The warlords are already in power and their violent campaigns overseas are covered by the media outlet of your choice. Violent people will exist  whether we have a government or not . if the state is the only thing keeping a person from doing bad things or organizing with others to do bad things .This individual should seek help from a mental health professional or a religious figure . whichever works for them .

response to #3 :

This is probably the silliest rebuttal of anarcho capitalism that i have ever heard. Churches and non profit organizations aren’t going to disappear just because government is abolished. Humans aren’t going to refuse to help others just because they live in a stateless society. The only difference would be that people would help others because they want to . With government , you don’t get a choice. Which takes away the positive feeling from helping others .

The original:

i’m talking about welfare in response #3



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